Flat River Hemp Oil Full Spectrum vs. Broad Spectrum vs. Isolate

This week we launched our first THC-free 1000mg Broad Spectrum product. Broad Spectrum is a bit different from Full Spectrum in that it typically does not contain THC. The reason in creating a THC-free product is for a couple of reasons:

1. For some that are subject to routine drug tests by their employer it allows them to still continue taking a CBD product without fear of failure. 

2. The other reason is because of stigma, some people no matter how much you tell them 0.3% THC will not get you high, still run from it. So this is a simple way for them to break the barrier and finally try CBD for the first time.

3. The FDA could rule at some point (they haven’t yet) that any THC even 0.3% or under, in a product is considered an adulterated substance. Having a THC-free option available is a way for us to still bring a quality CBD oil product within those guidelines to the market and keep doing what we love to do! 

4. Some countries have a strict no THC policy, so if you happen to travel to any of those countries with the THC-free product there is nothing to worry about. 

Whatever your reason might be for choosing to consume a THC-free product vs. a full spectrum product, we did not want you to miss out on the empowering benefits of the entourage effect. Because of this we have specifically developed scientific methods that optimize the amount of cannabinoids preserved during the process. The method we use is reverse phase chromatography. Chromatography is scientific approach to separating molecules based on their size. It is much more effective at removing THC than distillation. You start by dissolving the extract in a solvent. Then you place that solution in a cylindrical column under pressure. This allows the molecules to separate out by molecular size. At one end of the column is a reader. As the delta-9 cannabinoids pass the reader, they are diverted out of the column. Any delta-9 molecules that are not diverted, cycle back through the column and reader. The process continues until none are left. This method allows us to pull out just the delta-9 THC with much more precision than distillation. Ultimately we are able to preserve various phytochemicals that could otherwise we be destroyed using other processes. This ensures that the consumer still experiences the entourage effect. 

So what’s the difference between full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate?

full spectrum = Contains all phytochemicals including polyphenols, flavonoids, terpenes and all cannabinoids including THC. 

broad spectrum = Contains all phytochemicals including polyphenols, flavonoids, terpenes and all cannabinoids excluding THC.

isolate = Isolated cannabidiol (CBD) does not contain any other beneficial phytochemicals therefore does not facilitate entourage effect.

Flat River Hemp Oil Farm Harvest and Product Launch Update

Hey Everyone,

The last few weeks have been exciting times on the Flat River Infusions farm.

  • We harvested our 2020 crop! New products including a CBG tincture will be the fruits of this bountiful harvest. We have been sharing some of our harvest adventures on facebook instagram and youtube

  • We launched two new products!
    • 1000mg Full Spectrum Lemonade Tincture including organic hemp seed oil as our carrier oil, 1000mg of Full Spectrum CBD Oil and lemon & lime essential oil for all natural flavor. This tincture is perfect for an uplifting morning to give you the support to face anything your day may bring. Buy Now
    • 1000mg THC Free Broad Spectrum Tincture including organic hemp seed oil as our carrier oil and 1000mg of THC free Broad Spectrum CBD Oil. This tincture was important for us to produce in order to offer a completely THC free option for those that may be increasingly worried of drug testing but still want the benefits of the entourage effect. That’s right since we only isolated the THC out in our proprietary distillation process, we were able to preserve a lot of the other beneficial phytochemicals in the plant including cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. So you still get some of the same benefits as a Full Spectrum product (although a touch milder) without THC. Buy Now

Flat River Hemp Oil How CBD works in the body.

Scientists first found out how CBD and endogenous cannabinoids work in the body by researching the metabolic pathways of THC. With DNA sequencing technology the National Institute of Mental Health was able to map the encoding process of cannabinoids in the brain. This profound discovery then led to CB1 and CB2 receptors being located throughout the body. These components were then referred to as the Endocannabinoid System.

So what biological processes is the Endocannabinoid System responsible for? The Endocannabinoid System can also be referred to as a homeostatic modulator. Homeostatic modulation is your body’s built in “default” setting so to speak. Homeostasis is when your body is completely balanced; mentally, physically and emotionally. This has also been referred to as your body’s state of flow. That means your ability to have a good nights sleep, handle a stressful work week and remember your kids busy schedule are all activities related to you Endocannabinoid System functioning optimally.

Most people produce inadequate amounts of endogenous cannabinoids, hence the need for CBD supplementation. If you take a CBD supplement this helps your Endocannabinoid System function optimally, making you the best YOU. For daily supplementation, Flat River Infusions recommends our 300mg Full Spectrum Tincture.





Flat River Hemp Oil Transplanting/Field Prep

This year has been a year of uncertainty with the chaos that has been caused by the pandemic, however nothing lifts your spirits more and calms your nerves than walking through a field of hemp. Nick has a degree in horticulture science and is not afraid to use it. Most people think that the growth cycle starts in the field, however lots of preparation is needed before hemp is ready to make its grand appearance outdoors. Flat River Infusions starts with premium seeds that have been cultivated from the best genetics in the world that express the most desirable phenotypic traits. Each seed is started and put under special grow lights in our greenhouses for a couple of weeks until ready for transplanting.

The field also receives a considerable amount of preparation in order to produce the best growing conditions for hemp. This preparation starts as soon as we harvest the previous season’s crop in the fall, we immediately start replenishing the soils natural microbiome. During the winter and spring other field preparations are made.

It is important that we wait to put our transplants outside until the time of year when daylight is maximal. Once the field is prepped and transplants are on deck ready for planting, tobacco transplant implements are used to put the plants in the ground. Someone walks behind each machine as it goes through the field making sure each plant is perfectly placed. After transplanting, we pray that transplant shock is minimum and apply water and nutrients as needed.

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